Disaster Preparedness Information

Do you and your family have a plan for when a disaster strikes?  Do you have a 72 hour kit that contains all the items you would need to survive?  Items like food, water, and medicine.  If you’re in a Tsunami inundation zone do you know where to go to be safe?  What if you’re at work, the grocery store or other areas you frequent on a regular basis?  How will you and your family survive?   Get educated, get prepared and have a plan.

Below are links that can help you prepare.

Reverse 911

REVERSE 911 your cell phone info: To sign up for Tillamook County Reverse 911 on your cell phone click on this link: Reverse 911 for cell text or voicemail  Enter your local address and your out-of- area address to be notified in case of emergency in Tillamook County.  Tillamook County landlines are already in the database.


Nehalem Bay Emergency Volunteer Corp

Check out the Emergency Volunteer Corps website for additional information: http://evcnb.org/


Tillamook County Emergency Management

Check out the Tillamook County Emergency Management website for additional information: http://www.co.tillamook.or.us/gov/EMGMGNT/default.htm





Nehalem Bay Tsunami Evacuation Map


Nehalem River Flood Gauge

Fore the current Nehalem River level at Foss: http://water.weather.gov/ahps2/hydrograph.php?wfo=pqr&gage=fsso3

Current Burn Restrictions

Open Burning is allowed with a valid permit.

Burn Barrels need proper screening.

Recreational fires are allowed in an approved pit.