Insurance Service Offices collects and evaluates communities in the United States on their structure fire suppression capabilities.  ISO looks at many factors within three categories:

Fire District 50 points

Receiving and Handling Fire Alarms (911 system) 10 points

Water Supply (city hydrant system and flow rate) 40 points


If you live within five (5) miles of a station and 1,000’ of a hydrant, the rating is a Public Protection Class 3. However, if you are within five (5) miles of a station but not within 1,000’ of a hydrant, your Public Protection Class rating is a 4.  Any address located further than five (5) miles from a fire station has a Protection Class of 10.

Station 13 is located at 36375 Hwy 101 N. Nehalem, OR 97131

Station 11 is located at 37115 Hwy 53 Nehalem, OR 97131


ISO Letters for Nehalem Bay Fire & Rescue District ISO Classification Letter PPC 3

ISO Letter for Nehalem Bay Fire & Rescue District ISO Letter PPC 4

Current Burn Restrictions

Open Burning is allowed with a valid permit.

Burn Barrels need proper screening.

Recreational fires are allowed in an approved pit.