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Burn Permits

Burn permits are required for all outdoor fires including recreational fires.
For a definition and details of a recreational fire please see our recreational fire page here:

Burn piles larger than  5 feet in height and 10 feet in diameter require a site inspection AND a Provisional Burn Permit.  Contact the District Office for a Provisional Burn Permit.

To get a standard Burn Permit must follow BOTH of these two steps:

Step One:

  • Download a copy of the BURN PERMIT form and fill it out completely.
  • Keep the completed form at the site of the burn.
  • You must present this copy to fire or law enforcement personnel upon request.

(You can follow the link, then print  |  OR  |  Right Click -> Save As   |  OR  |   Long Press -> Save to device)

Step Two:

Complete the following fields and press the submit button:

By submitting this form you acknowledge that you have read the rules on the Burning Permit form and understand it is your responsibility to abide by all rules and regulations.

Today's Fire Danger

Current Burn Restrictions

Burn Ban in Effect.  No burn piles or burn barrels allowed.

Recreational files allowed with Burn Permit.

During fire season, usually June 1 through September 30, check burn restrictions prior to burning.

Burn piles larger than 5 feet in height and 10 feet in diameter
require a site inspection and a Provisional Burn Permit.