Nehalem Bay

Fire & Rescue

Nehalem Bay Fire & Rescue Recreational Fire Specifications

The Nehalem Bay Fire & Rescue will allow recreational fires during a Burn Ban as long as
the following conditions are met and the burn take place on private property.

Note: The district does not have authority over recreational fires in the state parks or on the ocean shoreline.


Recreational Fire:

A recreational fire is a small fire no larger than three (3) foot in diameter and a flame height
reaching no larger than three (3) foot in the air. Fuel is to be clean cut firewood or manufactured fire logs.

Fire Pit:
A structure made of bricks, rocks, concrete, metal or some other noncombustible material with at least three sides being a minimum of eight (8) inches high. If there is an open side to the pit it should be located on the windward side of the fire pit.


  1. Must have a valid burn permit (unless within a commercial park with multiple campsites)
  2. Fires must be in an approved fire pit.
  3. Fire pits must have at least 25 foot clearance around and 12 foot above burn pit. Ground
    surface shall be clear of fallen leaves and other surface fuels. Cut green grass is okay.
  4. Fire must be attended at all times and extinguish before leaving.
  5. A water source of adequate supply must be available to extinguish the fire and
    control fire spread if needed.

Prohibited Acts:
The burning of paper, garbage, plastic, brush or other debris is strictly prohibited in a recreational burn.

Questions: Call 503-368-7590

Download Recreational Fire Specifications:

State of Oregon DEQ Outdoor Burning Guide here:

Today's Fire Danger

Current Burn Restrictions

On October 15, 2022 the burn ban that effect July 15, 2022 was lifted.  Burning allowed with valid permit. If wind event, please adhere to burn restriction recommendations. If Red Flag Warning, please no outdoor fires of any kind (recreational fires, burn barrels, charcoal grills, smoking, etc.) and restrict use of power equipment.  

During fire season, usually June 1 through September 30, check burn restrictions prior to burning.

Burn piles larger than 5 feet in height and 10 feet in diameter
require a site inspection and a Provisional Burn Permit.